Crocheted Amish puzzle ball


(Designed by Petra Sosa)

Last week I came across a pattern for an Amish puzzle ball. It looked pretty awesome, but it was not a functional puzzle ball. To be honest, I cannot see the point if it is not going to be functional, so I did some hunting and came across a nice video tutorial by Petra Sosa. I really like her design for the puzzle ball, and her tutorial is very easy to follow with clear explanations and directions. It is a little on the longish side (2 videos for the tutorial), but Petra kept it fun and interesting.

Yarnspirations Caron Cakes: Turkish DelightOf course, having watched the tutorial I just had to have a go, and I had the perfect yarn lying about just waiting to be used. Months ago I bought a roll of Yarnspirations’ Caron Cakes in Turkish Delight, with the thought that I would eventually do something with it. What I particularly liked about this was how vibrant the colours were. The puzzle ball is perfect for showing off all of the colours in this yarn, as there are a lot of surfaces on the ball to play around with. Rather than letting the yarn run in a continuous length and change colour naturally, I chose to separate the colours out so that my puzzle ball had clearly delineated colours for each component.


I like to crochet toys tight, so that there is no chance of stuffing coming out anywhere. So this was crocheted using a 3 mm hook. The diameter of the finished ball is 9 cm, and the components all fit very snuggly together. I still have a lot of this yarn left, so I’m making another ball, but this time I will alter the main colour of the belts (outer surface of the ball) to white. I’ve not decided yet on whether I shall do the edging in white, or use the colour of the wedges for the edging. I think it would look pretty once put together if the edges of the belts were the same colour as the wedges on a white background. I shall put an image up here once I have finished it.

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